We can be your Lost Pet Finder!

Losing a pet is every pet owners worst nightmare and is bound to cause a lot of emotion and anxiety. There will be countless questions going through your head such as: Where have they gone to, has someone taken them? Have they been hurt? It's at times like this where you're unsure what you should do and where you should start, that you should contact the professionals who deal with this sort of thing every day.

You need a lost pet finder that can help you to get the word out to the relevant pounds and shelters in your area and who can contact your local vets to make sure that its not just you who is on the look out for your pet but that the whole animal services industry in your area are on the look out too.

Vets and animal shelters get notified of lost dogs and cats on a daily basis and if they have already received information on a missing pet they can match up your pet with the one being reported and can fast track your pet finding its way home to you.

Using a pet finding service like our own will greatly increase the chances of you finding your lost pet. We can get the information out to our network at lightning fast speed and can generate detailed emails and automated phone calls incredibly fast which means you can spend more time looking around your area for the places that only you as an owner know that your pet might be located.

Think of how long it would take you to sit at your computer and create and print a poster and then go to each of the animal services locations in your area and pass on the details to them or to look up the contact details of all of these locations.

Our notification services stream-line this process meaning that we do all of the hard lifting for you and save you from wasting precious time that could be better spent hitting the streets looking for your lost loved one.

Not only do we notify the animal services in your area but we can also run facebook campaigns that target people in your direct area showing a picture and a description of your lost dog, cat or any other animal.

This directly targeted campaign is ideal for those who might not have brought a pet that they found to an animal services location but might actually be looking after it in their own home or know of a friend or co-worker who is caring for a lost pet.

So why not trust the professional lost pet finders and save yourself a lot of heartache and stress by allowing us to do what we do best and spread the word about lost pets all across Australia.

We can help to find your lost pet!

At Lost and Found Pets Australia,we provide all the tools you
need to help get your pet home as soon as possible!